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News of ISIS banning young men from organizing football games in areas under the authority of the Islamic group has emerged lately raising a lot of questions on the reasons why this happened. The decision was made due to several factors such as: football causing a distraction which affects the quality time men must spend thinking of God, and imitating unbelievers, sending information to the military aviation to bomb ISIS headquarters, according to ISIS.

Yet ISIS’s decision was not final as the group allowed holding tournaments under one main condition, getting permission from the security office , and choosing a referee who should be a member in “Alhesba” system, they also insisted on keeping a certain dress code for the teams identified by long sleeve wears.

According to Sounds & Pictures’ reporter in Abu Kamal City, the complications started while men were holding a match between two teams in the neighborhood league, a member of ISIS calculated a penalty for one team but the other team opposed and demanded abolishing it, arguments then erupted and the two teams accused the referee of being bias.

Eventually, “Alhosba” was called to flog players who suspected the referee’s decision, and were banned from getting a license to organize tournament in the future.

The audience tried to convince “Alhesba” hoping to forgive the players, but an Iraqi member of the patrol said: “I’ll punish those who won’t back off right now”, the audience then left fearing a mass flogging.

Two days later “Alhesba” called in both teams and told them that the referee didn’t lead the match by “the legality of God” and was not honest thus he should be punished with fifty flogs in front of them, they also insisted on repaying the teams by organizing a new match promising them that the next referee will use the legality of Allah.

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Sound and Picture organization: We are a group of Syrian human rights activists. We noticed the lack of bodies which document abuses against civilians inside Syria, therefore we decided to establish this project, it is specialized to document the violations which have committed by all sides in the ongoing conflict in Syria against civilians in a professional way. The organization is documenting all kinds of violations, and working on the accounting for the groups which committed these violations by the international community. The organization is completely independent, and does not follow any political or military bodies, whether inside or outside Syria.

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