Dier Ezzor – Sound and Picture

IS released a new video titled “To the sons of the Jews” showing the training of a number of child soldiers under the age of twelve. The video also showed these child soldiers executing a number of people from Deir Ezzor province at Rahbah castle in Almayadeen city east of Dier Ezzor on charges of working for the Syrian regime. IS rewarded the best child soldiers at Ashbal Al-Kilafah “Caliphate lions” training by giving them guns and knives to carry out the death sentences. Among these children was “Salman Al-Sinjari” whose name was tailed with the word “Mawla” which means in Arabic “a slave”.`

Salman Al-Sinjari is a Yazidi child who was captured along with a number of children and women from the same sect in Sinjar city north Iraq and then taken to Syria. Al-Sinjari was among those who were taken from their families, forced to Islam, and subjected to training camps belonging to IS. “Mawla” is an old term that goes back to slavery era, where it was used to refer to the slaves or to free people who were slaves and then converted to Islam, in order to recall their origins.

IS, which claims to fuse people into one social class, is working today to blow up this notion and bring back slavery in a preliminary step to revive this term after the increase in captives’ numbers and the spread of captive selling markets in its controlled areas. Although Salman joined IS and undergone its camps and carried out his mission of killing, he is still considered a “Mawla” to IS among the rest of the boys who were mostly of non-Syrian nationality.

“To the children of Jews” video is a sequel to a series of Hollywood films launched by IS to attract attention, but this time IS wanted to send a message through children to show the whole world that its strategy of planting ideas has succeeded and that it was able to build a terrorist generation to carry out IS’s ideology. This foreshadows the elongations in its existence as well as its preparation of a terrorist generation in every sense of the word

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