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Since the beginning of 2014, IS has been trying to regulate civilians’ movement in the eastern countryside of Aleppo under its control, through imposing a number of decisions resulting from its perilous position.

After the control of YPG over Sarrin city and the Turkish establishment of a buffer zone in IS’s controlled areas and most recently, liberating Kwers military airport by regime forces with the help of Lebanese and Iraqi militias, IS prevented people from traveling outside IS-controlled areas without the permission of Hosba. Abu Walid, from IS-controlled zone, said to “Sound and Picture”: “Since nearly a month, IS began to crack down on civilians who want to travel to FSA  zones, regime areas and even Turkey. Civilians have to stand in a queue to get a travel permission. However, the majority of these applications are refused. Some of these applications were for people who need a medical treatment that cannot be found in hospitals in their area. IS also demanded that we deliver all personal data and bring a guarantor to be referred to for questioning in case not coming back. As for the displaced people who are outside the eastern areas, they have to swear oath that their houses are located outside IS-controlled areas, and in case of lying IS has the right to confiscate their properties. And as for civilians who have relatives in IS areas, or the so called “Misyaar”, they receive a paper of three days travel permission by Hosba to review Hosba headquarters for renewing or to move out outside the eastern rural areas”.

Finally, as for the families that go to visit their relatives in regime areas, they are also handed over a paper of three days travel permission. Moreover, IS dedicated Menbej Hosba headquarter only for registration, leading to severe congestion. It is worth mentioning that IS has prevented all women from traveling without a male guardian. All of these are steps in which IS tries to control the displacement movement out of it areas so they don’t turn into an empty lands.

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Sound and Picture organization: We are a group of Syrian human rights activists. We noticed the lack of bodies which document abuses against civilians inside Syria, therefore we decided to establish this project, it is specialized to document the violations which have committed by all sides in the ongoing conflict in Syria against civilians in a professional way. The organization is documenting all kinds of violations, and working on the accounting for the groups which committed these violations by the international community. The organization is completely independent, and does not follow any political or military bodies, whether inside or outside Syria.

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