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The formation of Syria’s new army has been announced in November 8, 2015. The media staff of Syria’s new army has published a video on social media shows several interviews with members belonging to the ranks of the formation, including a speech of the formation commander “Khazaal Sarhan” one of the former leaders of Al-Asala w Al-Tanmia “originality and development” front in Deir Ezzor. The video also included pictorial scenes of the weapons and the training of the army, which seemed clearly to be outside of Syrian territory.

“Sound and Picture” met Abu Yousef, one of the workers in the media section of Syria’s new army, trying to shed light on the reasons and goals for the emergence of this formation, especially for adopting the slogan “liberating the eastern region” of IS and whoever fights with it:

What is Syria’s new army and what is it composed of?

“Syria’s new army is a military formation follows the “originality and development” front, seeks to unify the ranks of the fighters and the mujahedeen in Syria to build a new Syria. Syria’s army is composed of members from different regions such as Deir Ezzor, Daraa, Homs, etc.. ”

According to the source, Syria’s new army has a firm military structure, and most of his military commanders and fighters were former fighters in different factions of the Free Army that fought the regime since the beginning of the revolution and also fought IS for more than a year in the eastern regions of Syria and Kalamoon.

The source reserved on giving information concerning the real number of the formation members, but also denied what is being circulated by some websites that the new Syrian Army does not exceed the number of fifty-fighters, saying: “Is it reasonable to believe that all of these trainings and arms are only for 50 fighters?!”.

Who are you going to fight, why and where?

“Originality and Development” front has mentioned in a statement that “the Syria’s new army will not raise the gun but for the sake of God” and that the primary enemies are Al- Assad regime and IS”.

Syria’s new army aims to fight IS to retrieve military bases which was taken from FSA in the eastern areas. It also aims to get rid of IS “because of committing massacres against the Syrians” as in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa.

According to Abu Yousef, the new Syrian Army will work to recover the control of the eastern regions, and to achieve the ambition of the Syrian people of security and stability in all parts of Syria.

Did you receive military training? Where? What are the countries that have contributed in your training?

“Yes, we have received military training using various weapons, and this is going to help us to defeat the militias that fought the factions of the Syrian Revolution, these training have been done with the help of Arab countries and others friendly to the Syrian people” .

The source refused to mention the names of these countries or to identify places where the Syria’s new army received these trainings.

Is Syria’s new Army planning to form military alliances with other factions?

“We are trying to cooperate with all the factions that take the banner of the revolution and support the cause of the Syrian people in achieving their demands, and also we will work with other military forces to build a unified nation under one flag, a flag of the Syrian revolution”.

According to your statement, “fighting IS”  What about Al-Assad regime?

“Military bases, especially in the eastern regions, are occupied by IS. How can we fight regime while our back is exposed to IS, which stabbed us in the back in Deir Ezzor,  Raqqa and Kalamoon ?! as well as most of the Syria’s new Army members and leaders were pioneers in fighting Al-Assad regime . ”

We saw many sides criticize you about the inverted revolution flag that appeared in the video, what is your response to that?

“Putting the flag upside down was planned not a spontaneous error, and has a particular symbolism; that our land is occupied and stolen by other militias. When we free our lands, the flag will be set normally .”

The front of “Originality and Development” was formed late in 2012 of several military alliance factions in Homs Deir Ezzor and Idlib, but a sequential splits happened within its ranks in several areas.

As it was stated in an official statement published by the Front of “Originality and Development” Information Office that the “Syria’s new army is a part of this front and it is exposed to an unprecedented media campaign in order to discredit Syria’s new army project”. The statement also talked about members of the Syria’s new army of being the heroes of “Originality and Development” front who have helped in the liberation of most of the areas of Deir Ezzor and that this project is devoted to Liberate the eastern region first and then the rest of areas until overthrowing the regime and build a country of justice, and that the front receives support from friends for the sake of Syria. And will not accept “re-production of the new Baathist regime”.

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