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Last Wednesday, IS took over Alqaryateen city east of Homs after fierce battles with regime forces that lasted for two days using medium and heavy weapons.

“Sound and Picture” reporter in Homs said: “IS’s control of the city came after an intrusion of an IS group of fighters to the city and blasting three car bombs targeting regime’s checkpoints around the city. This was followed by clashes that lasted for more than 24 hours and enabled IS to take control of the city. During the clashes IS killed many of the regime fighters and seized their weapons and ammunition”.

Our reporter also said: “Regime warplanes launched 40 air raids since the start of the battles, while helicopters through more than 15 explosive barrels in addition to rockets and artillery which left many properties damaged and many dead and injured among civilian.

After regime strikes that damaged the only hospital within the city, the city now suffers from a shortage of medications, medical staff and equipment. There was also a large displacement movement due to military operations and violent shelling in area. A source from Alqaryateen confirmed to our reporter that more than half the city’s population, which is 60 thousand people, have left the city after IS control.

Ahamd, one of Alqaryateen residents said: “A landmine explosion of a car carrying one of the displaced families caused the death of four children and serious injuries to their mother.”

It is worth mentioning that IS operations in Alqaryateen were surprising to the regime forces, especially that IS has long been attacking the T4 military airport without achieving any significant successes.

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