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What is the reality behind the desertion of foreign troops and Syrians “immigrants and supporters” and where is their destination?

What is the impact of those desertions on Caliphate State?

Is it an escape from the inevitable death or a change in contentment?

Many questions are spreading among parents and activists after the desertion movements that happened within IS recently; trying to justify  what is happening in the corridors of IS and the extent of the rift that has plagued the walls of the Caliphate Castle, especially in Deir Ezzor province and its surroundings which hold the largest percentage of fugitives or Ansar “the supporters” as they call themselves; those who previously had acknowledged the organization and declared their loyalty “Alwalaa and Albaraa”.

Desertion at the individual level and expanding:

“Zaid Fourati” Sound and Picture reporter in eastern countryside of Dier Ezzor said: “we have seen and heard about many cases of desertion within IS’s ranks among both immigrants and Syrians ” Ansar”. Some of which are foreigners who were deceived by the Islamic caliphate and protecting Muslims lie, such as “Abu Hajer Kuwaiti” who defected from IS with a group of IS members In September 2014. “Kuwaiti” served as  security device prince in the western countryside of Albu Kamal “Shamia line.”

A similar case of desertion in the eastern countryside of Albu Kamal in 2014, where a group IS members from Albu Kamal city and its countryside who have declared their loyalty to IS. Nevertheless, after witnessing IS’s practices against the people of Albu Kamal and its repeated violations, They split from IS before knowing where to go.

Fourati also noted that these desertion, although they are few in number IS fighters in Syria, it raised suspicion and anxiety among IS members and caused a negative and a direct impact in the hearts of fighters since it began with one split condition and followed with many other. It’s more like a hole on the walls of caliphate castle and began expanding more and more.

IS spies and death escapers:

Abu Anas al-Ansari, one of the Free Army fighters from Deir Ezzor, currently residing in Turkey, said: “There is a serious issue we should pay attention to, that IS has send a number of its fighters, specifically Syrians, to Turkey under the pretext that they are splinters, but the fact was quickly revealed that they are spies for IS, whereas after getting to Turkish territory and collecting the required information of free army leaders, revolutionary icons and even activists, they returned to IS areas in Deir Ezzor. Among those spies were “Obeida al-Deri” who swore allegiance to IS with a group of his comrades since the beginning of IS control.

“We have also made-sure that another group of IS fighters in Deir ez-Zor had arrived to Turkish territory during the current month “July” under the same pretext that they are splinters. But the strange thing is that these people are affiliated with IS and have participated previously in IS battles against Free Army in Deir Ezzor and its surroundings and they have contributed significantly in Deir Ezzor rendition to IS, including “Amer Al-Naklawi – Yousef Orfali – Al-Espani”, all of them were prominent in IS ranks and well known by all families in the area.

many free army checkpoints in eastern countryside of Syria,  have been able lately to arrest a number of IS members, who were trying to pass under the pretext of spliting, including “Fayez Al Hammadi” who works to IS security apparatus  and “Bassam Al-Sulaiman”one of the military co-

Escaping after having collected money:

Sami Fourati, field activist from Deir Ezzor, said: ” the escaping issue of a large number of IS members is expected at any time, but no one expected the escaping of IS leaders of foreign nationalities. This became more common, especially in Diwan of Zakat, the oil money offices. We observed during the first year of IS control that more than 5 leaders in the organization of foreign nationalities escaped after steeling large sums of money, including the Egyptian “Abu Obeida ” Diwan of Zakat official in Deir Ezzor “the state of goodness”. Where “the Egyptian” fled with more than a billion Syrian pounds from Zakat money of Deir Ezzor”.

Fourati Also said: ” Two other IS members fled to Turkey, also steeling nearly 200 thousand dollars of the oil money. the two of them are brothers of a senior security in IS known as “Abu Abed” in Almayadeen  city. IS tried to deny this. However, soon the news spread  among IS members and then passed to people to become a big scandal threatening the entity of Caliphate State. IS later issued a regulation later stating that those who stole the money and escaped will be persecuted and punished because they stole money belonging to all Muslims. “

To date, IS and its members could not put an end to this problem. This put IS in a shameful position in front of the people in its controlled areas.

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