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clashes broke out today between IS and the regime forces who were centralise in T4 military airport in eastern countryside of Homs which is one of the largest military airports in Syria. heavy weapons like tanks,bombardment, heavy artillery and mortar shells were used by both sides.

Abu Khaled al-Homsi said to Sound and Picture: ” the clashes were renewed after IS send two car bombs targeted the airport surrounding , left a number of kills and wounded in the ranks of regime forces, the regime forces responded with shelling, heavy artillery and aviations on IS’s sites, also causing a number of kills and wounded among IS members.

Al-Homsi said: “the regime air forces targeted the airport surrounding with eight strikes as a respond to IS control of Um Altmador village in Homs countryside and destroying several armored vehicles belong to the regime. It was also announced in Twitter accounts belong to IS that, IS was able to capture fighters from the “Hizb Allah”, and kill “Kareem Ghwabesh”,an Iranian military adviser in the latest attack on the military Airport.

In a related Context, the so-called “IS Informative Office” of “the state of Homs” said: “IS targeted the “Thermal power plant 4” with 2 car bombs at the airport perimeter, which killed and wounded dozens among the regime forces.

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Sound and Picture organization: We are a group of Syrian human rights activists. We noticed the lack of bodies which document abuses against civilians inside Syria, therefore we decided to establish this project, it is specialized to document the violations which have committed by all sides in the ongoing conflict in Syria against civilians in a professional way. The organization is documenting all kinds of violations, and working on the accounting for the groups which committed these violations by the international community. The organization is completely independent, and does not follow any political or military bodies, whether inside or outside Syria.

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