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Yesterday, regime warplanes launched more than 90 air raids on the city of Palmyra in Syria center which was dominated by IS in May.

Activist Muhannad Al-Homsi said to (Sound and Picture): “The shelling on Palmyra city was the deadliest of its kind since the control of IS over the city. The warplanes launched more than 90 raid on Alawsat neighborhood, Republic Street and the northern and western residential compounds”.

Al-Homsi added: “The shelling caused the fall of 5 kills of civilians and a huge destruction of houses and public and private institutions, it also caused a power outage, mobile and network disruption and a severe shortage of drinking water and medical supplies”.

Regime forces shelling forced civilians to leave their homes and flee out of the city to Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and neighboring regions in the desert which are under the control of IS.

“The number of displaced people has reached 18 thousand civilians and rising, as a result of the bombing “, said Omar Altadmuri.

Altadmuri added that: “people are suffering from dire humanitarian condition after leaving their homes because of heavy shelling, they are homeless, many of whom live in tents and facilities that are unsuitable for living”.

The displaced people also included a number of Kurdish families which were forced previously by IS to move out of Raqqa toward Palmyra city after the recent progress achieved by YPG against IS in northern areas of Raqqa.

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