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In Deir Ezoor, which is named as Alsharqia by the political opposition, the destiny of the military situation there is still unknown. This city was a candidate for a full liberation by the regime forces during battles with the Free Syrian Army. But today we see that there are intervals space between the military operations that took place between the regime and IS on various fronts, whether in military airport, in 137 Brigade clashes or in other military units in Deir Ezzor. Since the control of IS on the areas which were liberated by the FSA, there was no military progress in the region. Fire lines stayed same where FSA left them. However, IS now is only promoting the anticipated battle for the liberation of the military airport and the city of Deir Ezzor after the disappointment of the people because IS did not fulfill the promise of liberating the city.

Fake battles and the victims are Deir Ezzor “Ansar” fighters

The fact that the battles, took place during the last period, between regime forces and IS fighters, the activist Zaid Alfourati, said: “During the recent period, the situation became difficult for IS in front of people in Deir Ezzor and its surroundings due to its failure to achieve any military accomplishment since its control over the region. What made it more difficult was the successive victories achieved by FSA in other Syrian cities such as “Idlib and Daraa” and due to the satisfaction that people expressed for these victories, even though in secret, because IS is still saying that the FSA are “traitors, agents of the West, infidels and apostates,” but the reality on the ground in the case of the battles proved the opposite. It was the duty of IS to search for a moral victory out of this impasse in front of the people, IS needed to prove that it exists and it is still able to achieve victories, as previously promised. So the organization during the past month, has done several movements, changing some of the fighters sites and supporting some fronts with heavy weapons, as if IS has already begun preparing for a decisive battle in Deir Ezzor”.

Alfourati, added that: “Among the battles that were carried out by IS, I recall the last battle in the fourth of May, when we heard explosions of various types of heavy and light weapons sounds, coming from all fighting fronts in the city, and the most violent was in “Western hoiqh, Jubaila, Rashidia and the military airport in “the international sector”.The regime responded, as usual, with air raids, rocket launchers and heavy artillery on civilian areas, resulting in a lot of kills and wounded. The fierce clashes continued for three days, in which the regime aviation did more than 35 air raid on scattered areas in the city and its countryside. The clashes expanded to include “Hawijah Skr, industry and workers neighborhoods”, therefor  IS sent a bombed car targeted the “Jemyan barrier” in the industrial neighborhood resulted in taking control of the barrier and seizing some weapons. During the clashes, more than 15 IS members died, most of them from Dier Ezzor, in addition to a number of wounded among them. Such as “bin Laden”, who is a military Prince in the western countryside of Dier Ezzor.

AlFourati ended his testimony, saying: “We did not see that IS is serious in liberating Deir Ezzor city, even though there were some military parades and fake battles, we are expecting a repeated scenario of Deir al-Zour Altabqa’s airport clashes, there will be certainly video versions of these upcoming battle to prove their story liberation just like what happened in Alraqaa”.

Our potential was low but our battles were strong.

Abu Saif al-Ansari,  a former field commander of FSA in the military airport front, said: “During almost three years of military operations against the regime, we were able to liberate the entire countryside and a large part of the city, especially in the first year of the revolution, though the quality of weapons were light and medium, however, after the liberation of a greater part of the countryside we took many heavy weapons and ammunitions, that helped us later to open  battles against the regime, including the battle of the military airport. The biggest battles were the liberation of the eastern hoiqh neighborhood and Alsyasya bridge, and lifting the siege of the liberated neighborhoods in the city, by the end of January of 2013.

He added: ” The main concern of IS is neither liberating the city nor supporting of the Syrian revolution. IS concern is establishing the Islamic state “Al Khilafah” in the liberated areas. If the free army still exists in the Deir Ezzor to this day, Deir Ezzor would have been already liberated”.

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