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Ain Arab, east of Aleppo countryside, was stormed today by IS members who blew up a bombed car at the border crossing in the city.

Activist Shiro, from Ain Arab, said: “IS members were able to sneak into the city of Ain Arab from Aleppo regime controlled area, wearing “YPG” uniforms, then blew up two bombed cars  on Morshed Pinar crossing, from the Syrian side”.

Shiro added that: “Clashes started between IS members and “YPG “. A number of IS members barricaded in some buildings and a boys’ school, targeting anyone moves in street. IS members also surrounded the house of Abu Issa, commander of Alraqqa rebels brigade. The clashes between IS and Abu Issa’s security members  resulted in wounding his wife and a number of his companions.

Clashes which continued for  several hours, led to the death of 12 civilians so far and it is eligible to rise due to the number of injuries. “YPG” were able to take a number of IS members and kill the other. The number of losses could not be known till now”.

Luqman, from Ain Arab city stressed that “all the wounded were civilians, and they were moved to Turkey after the Turkish government allowed them to enter through the Morshed Pinar crossing.”

It is worth mentioning that, the protection units have sent reinforcements to the area to avoid similar incidents and the coalition targeted IS points in the countryside of Ain Arab with  three air raids. Several news agencies reported that the bombed  cars entered the crossing through the  Turkish territory, and this was denied by Sanli Urfa provincial governor’s office, stressing that evidences indicated that IS members interred through the Syrian Jarabulus city which is located in the west of Ain Arab (Kobani).

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