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Fierce and unprecedented series of executions took place recently in Deir Ezzor city and its surroundings, on the hands of al-Baghdadi soldiers. However, IS has been carrying out a lot of executions sequentially every month in this areas where sleeping cells exist, such as “Albu Kamal, Amayadeen, Al-Asharah and Aashhel”.But, These executions are the first of their  kinds, since the IS domination on the eastern region in mid-2014, regarding numbers and density . The only similarity between these two execution behaviors was the crucifixion of the bodies before the eyes of their families and children  in order to force  them to witness this  great brutality.

As it happened in the city of Almayadeen on the twenty-fourth of May, when IS elements executed the two brothers “Ali and Ahmed Almagaish” and then crucified their bodies in the street in front of the people, among the audience was their mother, Um Ahmed, who could not bear the shock and the horror of the scene, when the heads of her both sons were cut off, after few moments of intense crying, she was hit by a heart attack, which almost cost her life.

– Dozens of people have been executed since the month of May to the last day

“Yes, this is what happened in Deir Ezzor”, said the activist, Zaid Alfourati

“During five consecutive days, IS committed these five massacres /from 20 to 25 / last May, where the elements of IS  executed more than “seventy” people, including free army, Al-Nusra members, and civilians who were detainees in the prisons of IS for several months, and some were detained since the beginning of IS control of the eastern region” ,Alfourati said.

He Also added that: ” the places of executions expanded  to include almost the whole  city of Dier Ezzor and Its liberated surroundings such as (Al-Asharah, Alqorah, Baqras, Alshhel, Hatla, Almasrab, and AShmitia) and this is the first time when executions include all of these areas which IS calls “the state of goodness.”

– Variety of Accusations and Punishments  and anger grows among parents

“Abu Mohammed” from Almayadeen city in the east of Deir Ezzor, said:

“Since the beginning of the executions, IS kept using the same charges such as  “Sahawat, apostates, fighting IS, agents of the West, or drug dealers in some cases”. Strangely, the punishment is always the same for all of those charges. However, during the recent campaign of executions, IS used different ways in killing “a sword blow, a knife blow , an RPG hit, a shot in the head”. These executions were caused more hatred toward who treat us without mercy or pity ,we do not see any difference between IS and  the Regime since  both are criminals”

– Executions by IS after the Coalition Forces air-landing  on Alomar oil field

Laith Alsharqi , an activist from Deir Ezzor talked about the causes of this fierce campaign of executions carried out by IS, saying:

“Of course everyone knows what IS does, whether executions, random arrests, displacement of the people who do not accept the rule of IS and its radicalism  . IS does that because of fear, it knows that it doesn’t have supporters in Dier Ezzor, except of some followers. IS tends to do  executions when suffering losses.So those executions stand up as a revenge for the death of Its members, and that  is the fate of anyone who tries to in encroach on the “Caliphate” rule.

Laith Also added that ” the different thing this time is that IS has not  been subjected to any attack by the sleeping cells in the countryside of Deir Ezzor. Instead, IS was attacked by the Coalition forces that carried out  airdrops on  Al Omar oil field east of Deir Ezzor in the middle of last May, In which many of IS’s most prominent leaders were killed , such as “Abu Sayyaf” . The Coalition Forces, also  succeeded in taking  Abu Sayyaf’s wife and a “Yazidi”  as captives”.

This defeat exposed the fragility of the military and security situation of IS , which promote itself to the people and the world as the fortress that cannot be conquered by anyone.

And it was necessary for IS to carry out a reaction to gain back its alleged respect, and to show that IS was not damaged and still the dominant in the region, that’s why IS did such fierce executions. IS wanted to send a message to everyone ,that this would be the fate of anyone thinks of doing any rebellion against IS or its soldiers.

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