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Tim Ramadan & Sarmad AL Jilane
Chemical weapons have led to the shutdown of Saddam Hussein’s regime and removal of his statue from Baghdad , as well as to imposing sanctions on the Syrian regime and causing the global shares to rock bottom as a result of several reports with images and videos condemning the Assad regime with the use of chemical weapons, especially Sarin and chlorine gases which killed thousands of victims mostly in Ghota and Idlib.
As a result to this, the American elite forces “Delta” – ordered by President Obama directly, conducted air-landing operation in the Syrian territory for the second time taking over one of the most dangerous internationally prohibited weapons that threaten the world peace. Chemical weapons are famous in the Middle East countries which have been banned from using nuclear weapons, leading chemical weapons – which are mass destruction weapons – to be the most frequently used weapons in battles in recent years.

A source closely-related to IS, taking “Abu Saad” as an undercover name, exclusively revealed to Sound and Picture that IS has resumed the manufacturing of chemical weapons after having prepared laboratories in the old oil and gas fields east of Deir Elzzor city. The laboratories have been prepared after imposing a security cordon around the region, and emptying all the nearby buildings in order to relocate the families of foreign fighters in IS as to cover for manufacturing processes by preventing any civilian from entering the field for any reason.
IS history with chemical weapons started when IS members dominated a warehouse for raw materials used to produce chemical weapons north of Baghdad lately last year. Later, The IS experts began to move the weapons to the east of Syria in order to start their experiments. Within the next two months, IS had been trying to produce locally made rockets capable of carrying chemical warheads, but the strikes of the international coalition forces frustrated such production. It is worth mentioning that Abu Malik, is considered as one of the best chemical experts in IS since he worked for long years in this field during the tenure of Saddam Hussien before he has joined Al-Qaeda in 2005.
The operation of Delta force air-landing on AL-Omar field, near Almayadin city east of Deir al-Zour ,took place on May 16, 2015 between 2:00am and 4:00am (Time could not be identified accurately due to intensive over flights and inaccessibility to the area).The operation targeted one of the buildings in Alomar field and was able to kill 7 of IS members. The clashes continued around half an hour accompanied by helicopter over flights backed by two aircrafts that provided military cover for the troops and prevented IS cars from entering the city to provide support.
IS said that the raid targeted Abu Sayyaf (Fathi Ben Aoun Ben Murad) a Tunisian IS leader acting as IS Minister of Oil and treasury who was killed during the fights along with other six princes including the Minister of Communications and an IS military leader. Moreover, The operation resulted in the arrest of “Om Sayyaf” who was reported by several media outlets to be involved in the captivity of the American hostage “Kayla Mueller”.
IS – says Abo Saad – spread many rumors in the previous days that many members being poisoned in the field after eating rotten food. And that IS burned their bodies out of the sight of its Syrians members or civilians. But in a matter of fact, the deaths were resulted by the primitive manufacturing techniques and lack of safety precautions during direct contact with chemicals causing the injury of many members who work in chemical weapons manufacture. The various scenarios spread by IS about this story indicate its attempts to hide the main objective of the air-landing and the penetration process, which affected the high level members in IS.
Abu Saad also pointed out that the air-landing operation was a serious blow to IS where Delta force managed to get printed electronic files used by the IS experts, destroy the found weapons and withdraw after. This has been confirmed by Pentagon officials stating, they received priceless documents. Consequently, IS arrested more than twenty of his members under charges of disloyalty and leaking information, causing internal confusion which has not settled till now.
A former petroleum engineer in Al-Omar field confirmed to “Sound and Picture” that the substance called “red mercury” had existed in Al-Omar field before it was controlled by the armed opposition Brigades. No one knew about the existence of the substance until the regime lost control over Al-Omar field; the engineer continues: “ I have been contacted by the Syrian Intelligence Department, offering me one million US Dollars if I could help them find the substance used.” and when he began to search for it, he saw a white car entering the area during the clashes over control of the field. The car turned out to belong to a group from “Jabhat Al-Nusra” in the eastern region – which joined IS later – and It went towards the room where the substance was stored and left the area before the end of clashes.
Wikipedia website provides that : Red mercury is a hoax substance of uncertain composition purportedly used in the creation of nuclear bombs, as well as a variety of unrelated weapons systems
it uses in a short cut to making an atom bomb the key to ,Soviet ballistic missile guidance systems, Or perhaps you want the Russian alternative to the anti-radar paint
It is worth mentioning that this Air-landing operation is the second for Delta forces on Syrian territory targeting extremist groups, as the first operation was carried out in the October 27, 2008 with the contribution of four helicopters in Al-Bukamal area on the Syrian-Iraqi border 8 km in depth, and attacked the sugar farm in the region and the US soldiers opened fire on a building under construction used as a camp for former leaders of the Islamic State, where an official at the US Department of Defense said at that time: The US raid on Syria will not be the last, and the United States will not hesitate for a moment to the attainment of the Syrian depth until Damascus if necessary.
The official added: “The air raid and the air- landing operation inside Abu Kamal border area will not be the last against accumulated Syrian government training bases training these “Terrorists” there in preparation for their transfer to the territory of Iraq.

There was also another landing operation in cooperation between US forces and the Jordanian forces on an IS camp in Al-Akerchi area about 23 km east of the city of Raqqa, on July 5th, 2014, for the release of hostages detained by the organization.

Perhaps the success of experts in reaching latter stages in the manufacture of home-made rockets holding chemical warheads frightened the coalition forces, as the possession of IS of this type of weapon is the first of its kind by an extremist group getting hold of internationally banned weapons since the international community in various ways seeks to limit the spread of these weapons. There has always been air strikes on the Lebanese Hezbollah in the Syrian interior during its attempts to obtain chemical weapons from the Syrian regime and move them to its warehouses in Lebanon.


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