exclusive – Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

Great tension prevailed in Raqqa city, where ISIS group suffered by many reflections in the past few days, but the defectors number is not the same importance to the group in comparison with the competence of those members, a source from within ISIS group has confirmed that most of defections are from suicide bombers, where these defections are considered a painful punch to the group.

The news about defections has quickly spread, so ISIS has erected barriers and checkpoints throughout the city, because the defectors have freed some detainees from Jabhat al Nusra group, most of the defectors have fled to Turkey after paying large amounts of money, while the rest went to the areas controlled by Jabhat al Nusra group, and this is what happened with two Saudis members in the media office of ISIS group, where they joined the ranks of al Nusra group in the countryside of Latakia, and they leaked the execution clip of Japanese hostage.
These defections have confused the group papers, especially on the ground, while ISIS was attaining a major victory in several battles in the beginning, it witnessed a notable fallback in the onset of this year, especially in the battle of Ain Arab “Kobanî” and in the military airbase of Deir Ezzor, the same source assured us that the incidence of fear is spreading in the ranks of the group from a surprise attack from Jabhat al Nusra group on the city of Raqqa, opening a new battlefront were not taken into ISIS account at all.

In a related development, Kurdish parties and some factions of FSA are celebrating with the liberation of Ain Arab “Kobanî” from ISIS group, Mohammed Adnan, a member in FSA who involved in the last battle in Ain Arab “Kobanî”, in an exclusive interview with “Raqqa is being slaughtered silently”, spoke about finding nearly 200 bodies of ISIS members near the city during the combing operations in the area surrounding the city, where a large number of Ansar (Syrian fighters) tried to split from the group and escape to Turkey, but the Iraqi fighters have killed them.

In a separate context, a new assassination cases are taking place in Raqqa city, carried out by unknown assailants, where they assassinated four members of ISIS group in al-Rumaila neighborhood, as well as the assassination of two Tunisian families in Eddekhar neighborhood in the city of Raqqa.

Raqqa city, the capital of the Islamic caliphate state as the group claims, has experienced internal unrest, the group couldn’t remedy that before it becomes more worse, where it formed a painful punch to the group, this unrest may develops with the passage of days, and may cause cleavages lead to the full collapse within the group, hope is returning and taking shape in the hearts of the rest of the people in Raqqa, who are waiting for the freedom sunrise again all over the captive city.

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