“God, Syria, and Bashar,” the cheers of Assad’s well-known supporters echo, not in his Syrian hometown of Damascus the capital but in Frankfurt Germany one of the Syrian refugees who still support their abandonment And insist on the legitimacy of his rule and blame all brutality on armed gangs who are killing the Syrians.

“We know full well the supporters among the refugees, and we distinguish Shibha from them as well,” says Mr Yassin, a 34-year-old Syrian a refugee living in Germany. “Al-Shabih is distinguished by his money, most of them came to invest their money because they don’t face any political or security threats in the regime-held area in Syria which are in good conditions compared to the rest of the areas in Syria”.


Heaven or hell?

Due to his work as an interpreter, Yassin meet Syrians from different backgrounds who came to Germany and he says “As an interpreter I can only translate what they literally say, but as a person and as an opponent of the regime, I can’t understand the supporters from Syria, when they say the regime is right and it provides the people with a satisfactory standards of living then why did you run away from his bliss? In fact, them coming to Europe is an implication on how bad the reality of Syria under Assad regime, and whether he accepts or not but being here refers to the eligibility of our demands in the demonstrations that we took out in the streets of Syria, the days when his president tells us that we are nothing but germs and foreign agents.


One of the cases that Yassin assisted in translating was for a pro-regime family, Yassin says “The family is a resident of Jaramana and translated what they described as the harm done to them by the armed factions,” he said. “The father was isolated from the refugees and did not want to interact with them at all, as soon as he was given the right to asylum He quickly hired a lawyer to reunite his family. He bought a car and opened a food stall, His financial situation is excellent. Even the German lady I work with told me that they don’t need any help for the level of well-being they lived in Europe”.


Criminals or refugees?

In 2014 and 2015 the wave of criticism of the European policy of receiving refugees escalated and focused on scrutiny and preventing the arrival of any of the so-called “terrorists”.

But many of those who know in Syria as “Shabiha” arrived in Europe and obtained asylum, and were able to reunite their relatives.

This made many civilian activists to launch campaigns through social networking sites, including the “Non-Refugee Criminals” page, which monitored the accounts of a group of Syrian regime supporters involved in military actions and published accounts of them carrying weapons or bodies and chanting in the name of Assad.

However, these calls did not exceed the limits of cyberspace, and enough simple search through “Google” to take a look at the crimes under which the German judge ruled some Syrians, and confined to the charges of joining “extremist” groups or crimes in the ranks of the armed opposition.

The air of Damascus

After the 27-year-old electron engineer Manal fled to Sweden, she was surprised at the level of hatred in the words of one of her friends who supported the regime during a conversation with her. “She asked me sarcastically,” How is the refugee center?do you regret leaving Syria?” and kept talking about the water and the air of Damascus and how it is impossible to leave them, but after a while I learned from her status on Facebook that she is studying master degree in Italy with no regrets about the water and the air of Damascus.

Manal adds that her friend did not hesitate to ask her about the requirements for applying for a doctorate in Germany. “When I asked her when she would return to Syria, she told me literally,” I will not be paid a salary of 50,000 Syrian pounds after being paid in Euro”


 Pro-regime are “spoiled”

With anger and fury due to being unable to issue a passport for her son, Syrian refugee in Germany Um Karam 30 years old describes pro-regime as “spoiled” and say “pro-regime don’t face any difficulties, they can go back to Syria whenever they want to issue papers or passports without fear of being arrested, all countries receive them like other Syrians and sometimes the situation is better because they always have up-to-date papers”.

Un Karam add “one of my classmates is an Alawite who used to come to the university with a car and never failed any university class, Of course she got a distinguished job in Syrian television after graduating from the media department, she was never affected by the war because she was a resident of safe areas in Damascus, today I saw her writing on Facebook saying she is travelling to Germany after her engagement to a doctor who is living there, so got benefits from Syria and Europe together.


 Visit Syria without problems

A German press report reported that Syrian and Iraqi refugees with legal asylum applications have spent their summer vacation in Syria and Iraq.

The report, published in the German newspaper “Welt” on August 17, 2017, the Department of Foreigners in the state of Baden-Württemberg recorded at least 100 refugees who had travelled since 2014, several times, to their countries of origin.

The German law punishes a refugee who has the right to legal protection if he visited his country before the end of the conflicts by withdrawing the right of asylum from him.

Some Syrian refugees in Germany often visit relatively stable areas of Syria without disclosing this to the refugee office, especially as they enter Syrian territory by land from Beirut.

“When a recognized refugee travels to his country of origin in order to spend a holiday, despite the pursuit or threat, the foreigner is questioned,” said State Secretary General Julian Fortinberger.

The report, published by the German newspaper, was based on a survey conducted by the Interior Ministry in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

He noted that the holiday destinations in their countries were either to see their families and friends or a working visit.

An official spokesman anonymously told newspaper Welt confirmed that one had to expect “large undeclared figures” for such cases, especially as refugees went to Syria and Iraq, which is suffering from poor security conditions.

Germany has received more than 1.2 million refugees since the end of 2015, mostly from Syria and Iraq.


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