Is Raqqa liberated?

A Fighter of Syrian Democratic Forces takes a selfie as he stands on a military vehicle and behind him the devastated city


The Syrian Democratic Forces which is an alliance of Arab and Kurdish factions who we mentioned before announced its total control of Al-Raqqa, according to an agreement between the militias and isis that states to empty the city by opening a road to ISIS towards the areas of Deir al-Zor to exit with his weapons, although both of them denied, but activists documented human rights violations from the “Voice and Image” organization, which is interested in the cities of Al-Raqqa and Deir Zour and they  Confirmed the negotiations between both, and published videos that they said it were ISIS convoy which left the city

Al-Raqqa was the first region to be liberated from the oppression of Bashar Assad’s regime, its militias and its dictatorial regime. Where Syrian opposition forces took control on 4 March 2013, but ISIS intervention and numerous attempts to control Al-Raqqa resulted in their success in fully controlling on 14 January 2014.

Al-Raqqa is considered the “actual capital” of ISIS, where most of its leaders lived, after the organization announced the establishment of the Caliphate, he demanded to all the world to travel and live in it, and it included the coming families.

The organization collected foreign fighters and their families, did not allow local residents to leave the area and imposed “tribute” on Christians.

The city of Raqqa is the sixth largest city in Syria, with a population of 220 thousand people, according to statistics in 2004, but the waves of displacement began when AL-Assad’s air force, Russia and the Iranian and Iraqi militias bombed other Syrian cities, the population became 800 thousand

Sunni Arabs consider the majority of the population of Raqqa. They also included Christians and Kurds lived in some of its villages, according to “Voice and Image Organization” the displacement was in batches and gradually, it started with the battle of “Tal Abyad – rural Raqqa -” almost two years ago, and Followed by other groups with the intensification of rural battles and military progress, then there was a large wave of displacement with the start of the battle of the “Tabqa” city, then followed by a greater wave of displacement  with the spread of fears of the collapse of the “Euphrates Dam”, which cause sinking the whole city and neighboring cities, the last wave of displacement was and still while sieging on the city and controlling of the neighborhood after the other, where the people managed to escape after the fighting.

* No buildings remain, no infrastructure and no life features

The destruction of the city of Al-Raqqa completely makes it difficult to identify its features, but it is possible to identify some places through a sign referring to a pediatrician clinic or some pieces of cloth or knitting machines in the store!

Last September, the United Nations estimated that 80 percent of the area of Al-Raqqa wasn’t habitable and the city now suffers from a complete lack of basic infrastructure, streets are empty except some cats and dogs and destruction seems to dominate the scene there.

The humanitarian situation is very dire, People escaped towards the countryside of Al-Hasakah and Deir Al-Zour and spread out in the open and camps which are illegal and informal that relief organizations do not reach, the militias of the Union Party are forcing people to live in these camps and prevent them from entering the cities controlled by them or move from camp to another, while the absence of the least means of life, and the scarcity of medicines and milk of children, what is described as a real humanitarian disaster!
About 2,500 civilians, “men, women, children” are victims of fighting, and bombing of the international coalition.

the announcement of the “liberation of Raqqa” completely made a climate of satisfaction for some are not without sadness on the city, and put a lot of questions about it among the pioneers of social networking on #Raqqa,

This control opened the door wide for many inquiries about the liberated city and the fighters who were there and where the pictures of who killed are, and what about using civilians as fighters of isis organization who surrendered to Syria’s democratic forces “among the pictures presented as elements of the organization.”
And they asked about the afflicted Raqqa and the identity of the people who will live in it later, Will it be given back to its original people? Or what happened was a cleansing of the city to be inhabited by new people other than its people, as the situation is in many areas of Syria by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and Al-Assad regime?

Others asked about the fate of the internees who were in the prisons of the organization what happened to them?
What is their mysterious fate which no one mentioned?
As well as the absence of human rights organizations from the forces that took over the city to verify the fate of them and the deal between the organization and the Syrian democratic forces, how they were allowed to be out of the city, and why they were transferred to Deir al-Zour?
“The elements of the organization were transferred to Deir al-Zour until they prepare their weapons and enter another Sunni city and destroy it.”
Activists added:  Who will retain the legacy of the organization and the evidence behind them about mass graves of civilians, their contacts and documents, which the activists said that these could give answers to many questions
“There must be a third party in Al-Raqqa to preserve the legacy of the organization in which there are many secrets.”

Yes, according to the United States of America Al-Raqqa now is “liberated”!
Liberated from its people…  its infrastructure… Humans and stone!
Al-Raqqa today is a ghost town, an unknown future, transformed from black terrorism into yellow terrorism.
The terrorist ISIS organization targets the Kurds only… This is a false statement
ISIS killed, arrested, tortured, abandoned and displaced thousands of Sunni Muslims… And the murder videos we all saw, on the other hand, he deals with Christians to pay the “tribute”, which is a tax for their safety, but it isn’t accepted from the Sunnis!
And the exchange of prisoners between it and the Kurdish militias and Iraqi and Lebanese Shiite
And the last deal between them all the world knows, and first of all the United States, which took place in the region “Qalamon” in Damascus northern countryside.

The United States has not been able to give anything to the Syrian people, who all the nations of the world have failed to help, at the forefront of US
The Syrians loudly said it and repeated it: At least if you do not help us, let us liberate ourselves … and move away from supporting Al-Assad regime and the sectarian militias.

History will remind us of the filthiness of the American politics, its injustice to the peoples of the region and its assistance to the racist militias.

Kurdish militias who are killers, thieves and yellow terrorists, a category of Mafia that tolerate all the bad qualities, their presence was by force – as ISIS – in a society with which concepts are completely different, it is very negative, And any negative serves ِAl-Assad regime, and this is enough to Al-Assad regime to facilitate their passage and delivery areas, , to make these militias partner to overthrow the dream of the Syrian people to be free or delay the arrival of the legitimate right to freedom and democracy .. And this is more than required!!

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