After black-flag terrorism, the Yellow-flag terrorism controls Raqqa

The media who don’t pay any attention to the destiny of thousands civilians titled the news of Kurdish Protection units taking control of the city of Al-Raqqa with: Kurdish units liberate the city of Al-Raqqa!                        

Ethnic sectarian militias which existed by force are the terrorists in America and Europe, but they are the democracy in Syria!


America’s strategy shows that Syria isn’t important to it, so it no longer care about Syria’s position, but it’s a bargaining chip with Russia, that’s why US policy since the beginning of 2012 has been the “outsourcing” of Syria to Russia or “selling” Syria to Russia.

And all their activities was to ensure Russia’s dominance over Syria, and US has taken many steps in this field, whether by stopping the resolution of the military Conflict by arming the armed battalions, or by arranging opposition that accepting Russia’s solution.

And therefore, US policy aimed that Russians could arrange a new system for them, and its role was to help in that, not to compete with Russia to control Syria

In the other hand, questions are asked by Syrians, and still asked by the senator brave, knowing and expert on the affairs of the region, General “John McCain” with his colleague “Lindsey Graham” who questioned in Congress on Tuesday (October 27, 2015) Secretary of Defense “Ashton Carter” and Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Revealing and exposing the disastrous and destructive policy of evil Barack Obama”

Graham was surprised by answers of Secretary of Defense and general to focus on fighting ISIS, not fighting Bashar al-Assad and not using Syria’s army and revolutionaries except who accept to focus on fighting ISIS.

Graham brilliantly and expertly recapped the discussion then concluding that US policy benefits Bashar al-Assad and his allies when you fight enemies and refuse supporting who really fight your enemies from the Moderate opposition.

The new terrorists supported by the US:

Kurdish-majority People’s Protection Forces known as YPG is a militia formed by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria after the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) is the same as Turkish Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) which is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and several European countries and others.

During the first four years of the new millennium, PKK popularly and organizationally shrunk; its presence has receded in its main stronghold (Qandil Mountains in Iraq).

The reviews which they made in their Mountain headquarters led to adopt a new strategy, Based on dividing the political field, three new parties were announced their establishment, “The life” Kurdistan Party in Iraq, “the Democratic Solution” party in Iraq, and “the Democratic Union” Party in Syria.

The Democratic Union was founded in Syria in 2003 and its Kurdistan action pavilion “the main organization”, and they took this name to escape from the list of international terrorism, And as a consultation presented to them from Al-Assad regime’s men to prevent a crisis with neighboring Turkey following the signing of “Adana Agreement” between the Syrian and Turkish sides (1998) and PKK leader “Abdullah Ocalan” was expelled from Syria.

“Saleh Musallam” is the party leader, Musallam originally lives in Iraq to avoid political persecution, but he came back to Syria to participate directly in the new events, although he was wanted by Al-Assad and sentenced to several “life sentences”…

 The Democratic Union Party, the de facto authority

After the Syrian revolution broke out in March 2011, this party then began a new phase in its history, by controlling areas in the north and northeast of the country, facilitate, approve, and agree with Al-Assad regime to suppress the popular movement by temporary control as analysts said

This party found in the beginning of the Syrian revolution a chance to implement its previous objectives and began his career by declaring the “West Kurdistan” council at the end of 2011, forming a political body competing with “Kurdish National Council”, which began organizing its and hold its foundation conferences.

 Al-Assad regime and PYD Coordination and partnership

The PYD party didn’t join the revolution, and acted as proxy authority for the Assad “Baathist” regime

And “Self-autonomous” which he control include Al Qamishli and Al-Hasakah countryside in northeast  Syria, some villages of Al-Raqqa countryside and now the city of Al-Raqqa, Deir Al-Zour countryside and Afrin region in northern Aleppo, as well as parts of Al-Qamishli and Al-Hasakah which Al-Assad regime shares in parts of both

Self-autonomous is followed by 22 staff including different sectors from defense to religious affairs, As well as the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, the military arm of the party, PYD and the “Internal Security Forces” known as “Asayish” and Women’s Protection Forces YPJ”

There weren’t real battles between them, , And all that is announced is a dispute between some elements of Al-Assad forces and the militias in order to control an oven for bread, or the price of selling liters of gasoline!

Except for the meetings between them which take place in the military base “Hmeimim” In Lattakia, it’s a new Russian base, no media war no hostility and no problems, and they just share control, the statues of Hafez al-Assad are still in place in areas the militias claimed that they “liberated them from the Syrian Baathist regime “!

Suppression, forced conscription, arbitrary arrests, forced disappearance, murder, theft and ideological imposition

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Syrian opposition coalition, local and international human rights organizations, observers, journalists and media report about forced displacement and house demolitions as collective punishment, carried out by the so-called “Kurdish Protection Forces” in northern Syria, they killed Arab and Turkmen people of the region, Arbitrary arrested, Violated of the integrity of the proceedings and the forced mobilization of children, and these reports are located in several languages in the official sites of the organizations with detail and professionalism in their proven evidence.

I am the son of the region controlled by this party and I saw the arbitrary arrests of anyone who opposes them, belongs to another party, goes out to demonstrate against Al-Assad regime or raising the flag of the Syrian revolution!

A significant percentage of Kurdish intellectuals totality deny what is being circulated about in any report from international organization.

But defenders of “the Democratic Union” don’t hesitate to accuse who agree with accusations of being ISIS.

Systematic and coercive displacement is a policy characterized by the party, in areas under his influence, which is very dangerous, because it affects the social fabric, where displacement is concentrated on the Arab regions to change the “demographics” map of the regions, where the party participates in its operation an Arab militia which belongs to “the Arab shammar tribe” which are spread in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and the Gulf States and is led by “Hamidi Daham Al Hadi Al Jarba” They are called the ” Al Sanadid” militia, A militia loyal is to the Syrian regime as well.

What’s then?

The destination of the “Democratic Union”, as the de facto authority, placed them in conflict with the Arab environment which overcomes opposite Syrian Baathist regime which the Kurds has long complained about cause of its Practices towards their rights!

While care should be taken to place all the Kurds and the “Democratic Union” in one basket, cause Realism says that what the party is doing now may have implications for all the Kurds of Syria,, although an important part of the party’s behavior is based on its dependence on the main party “PKK”, and it’s Based on the developments of the Kurdish issue in Turkey, not on the interests of the Syrian Kurds in the first.

While the Democratic Union Party maintains good relations with Russia, Iran and Al-Assad regime, and also his relationship is strained with his Syrian Arab surroundings, and his relationship with the Iraqi Kurdistan government is not well, His hostility to Turkey is more known than to be referred to., How can a party lead a people who are hostile to their entire geographical environment?

They are Murdering and assassinating outlaw, using of methods of repression and terrorism against political leaders and activists of the revolutionary movement in areas occupied by its militias , arresting of some of them and exiling of others outside Syria, What do these actions differ from the crimes of Al-Assad regime and its militias from Iraq, Lebanon, Afghans and Russians?

How can a big country such as the United States and an international coalition of several countries support such terrorist groups which are classified as terrorists by them all? How will I believe the so-called “democracy of America”?

Do you know that in Syria who describes the other Liar, juggler or hypocrite they say “Obama or Trump” because of their remarks that denies their actions on the ground, their alliance against democracy in Syria, different opinions and decisions, and their dealings with terrorist militias.

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