I wonder who meets those looking for “material civilian solutions to the people”?

Are they who looking for chaotic military solutions that struggle with the decorations of leadership and influence as we have known?

What is the reason of this aversion to “civil and material solutions” originally?

Do they want to end the Syrian people in the mountains and caves by “spiritual” enduring there?

Most respect and appreciation for those who “turned into political theorists and psychiatrists and seeking for civil and material solutions to the people” … After realizing that the military gaps are not more than temporary gaps that isn’t sufficient to promote alone.

Actually, and through my view … General work’s success is reversely proportional to the presence of sheikhs, the more the number of sheikhs the less chance of success, and vice versa; The smaller their number, the greater their chances of success.

General political or military issues need experiences, not facades or religious authorities…

These sheikhs should realize their area, determine their competence, and know their abilities and experiences. If they do not have the competence and experience, they will not be driven by affection or rush to break into these fields.

Let us also acknowledge that the stage in which the political action in the revolution was marginalized was very long, in which many politicians were excluded, and heavy cadres and leaders in political or strategic thought were alienated.

  It was then the voice of power is predominant, but the general tact continued for a period boasting force, and think that we do not need the politicians or the conferences or countries.

Perhaps we did not realize this mistake until the features of the isolation that was wanted for us, and the enormous political encroachment on our revolution, the successive traps, the breakthroughs, and the successive troy horses.

Today, we have realized that we have no choice to build bridges of trust, cooperation and harmony among the different components of the revolution and their colors and to meet on one direction.

Only two ways to gain some of the gains while we are on the outskirts of imposing a new way of playing in the region, its pivot is political with favorite military tools:

The first way: military, and inevitably has only one solution; The demise of each current name and leadership, and dealing with each holder of a weapon as a number with one chain of command, and one commander, and not move a bullet without a decision, and then go to the supporting countries with this disciplined force to play a strong political role that has an organized unified revolutionary military wing.

The second way: political, in case of the deficit of the first way, the required goal is to overcome being hundreds political blocs that can be taken alone because of pushing the planned decisions, and be one political bloc that represents the project of the revolution and its ideas, and works on exiting with a final trinity of the revolutionary discourse after the completion of competition between them.

  • One of them for inside the revolution
  • and the second for countries
  • and the third for the other Syrian components outside the revolution

The slogans “No to partition” and “No to the survival of Assad, even for a minute” are no longer enough with this continuation of this chaotic situation.

” No to partition ” means that you will deal with all components of people with all kinds … What is the offered vision for that?

And what is the proposed timetable for the re-harmony between the pivot of freedom and the pivot of “we were living” under the mercy of the shoes of the Syrian regime … I do not mean Assad and Assad’s thugs … But I mean those who are of us as a people and society … What is the vision that we are marketing for them to reassure to our offer? What is model that they see as a revolution?

Let us precede events and say that we are facing a fierce social struggle of which we are unaware. Our revolutionary society is threatened to swallow from the society in which the regime and its successors are exerting enormous efforts to live a life of openness and openness away from its interference in politics.

We have a great opportunity today to immunize our society scientifically, culturally and sensitively, and to make it a shining example, and change the image that the regime and its supporters have engraved in the minds of many people: “Everything except the system is unknown”…

Did wake up and deliver a voice that removes that black image to those who are within our society before the regime society and draw against the will of the regime and its supporters a revolutionary spark with which the heart of a free society beats, and prove to the world our cohesion and will and overcoming the differences between us and the transition from competition to each other to compete for achievement and building a generous adult educated active free man?!


I hope that …

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