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Painful stories recently surfaced on social networking sites after the release of the hashtag #MeToo to uncover cases of harassment against women that was launched and called for Twitter by the American actress Alyssa Milano.

The campaign was launched with the scandal of the famous film producer Harvey Weinstein, who molested numerous actresses for two decades, according to a report published by the American newspaper at the beginning of October, and it was as a Domino that fell down with a series of dominoes that were covering the sexual exploitation of women, and diverse novels have been published on social networking sites about ‘ Harassment Victims ‘ in a bold move to encourage women to expose harassers and not to tolerate them.

Although most of countries have developed legislation about protection from harassment, with its both verbal and physical parties firstly, punishing the perpetrators of harassment secondly and compensating the victims thirdly, but this matter remains absent from the Arab world.

Overall, women talking in Arabic communities about being harassed is considered a ‘ social coffin ‘ because it might affect ‘ girl reputation ‘.


This mother… sister… girl… wife … daughter… ground … Syria is my girl

I’m going to tell you an international harassment issue and the most ignoble rape act that has ever lasted ‘ our beautiful girl ‘ we Syrians.

It has been usurped for five decades, being harassed by the ugliest human beings, openly and in front of the eyes of the international community

Syria, the Beautiful girl, the chaste, the small in size and the large with its denominations has been screamed 50 years ago and says MeToo …

MeToo Syria … It was: A President who was democratically elected … it was not Assad-Syria who left the presidency to his son and had no secret accounts in Swiss banks and real estates in France and Britain.

MeToo Syria … It was: A Government of the political competencies, accountable to the House of representatives, representing the majority. And they weren’t the deputies for five consecutive sessions that we don’t know and are assigned for their competence in pay for the Chair ‘ bribe ‘ on which they sit.

MeToo Syria … It was: 18 daily newspapers from far right to far left … Criticizing each other daily, without killing or beating or monopoly … It wasn’t three official newspapers issued by the Baath party, and the forth civilian one which is commercial and advertising for the President’s cousin who promotes for his laboratories and industries who became today the richest businessman in the Middle East and although he is thirty years old. The wealth which reached him in one night.


MeToo Syria … It was: the cellars were only used as cheap housing or to store firewood, not to torture people and launch the diabolical titles ‘ The Area Branch Cellar… The Investigation Branch cellar … cellar, The air Branch Cellar … The Military Security Branch Cellar ‘…  And the only Intelligence Division was “The second Office” in the army and its mission was the homeland protection not the system protection … And if you spoke with your wife on the phone no one would hear you except your wife.

MeToo Syria … It was: The Faculty of Medicine of Damascus exported doctors to Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia … One of them was one of the Prime Ministers of Jordan (Dr. Al_Majali), a minister of health in Iraq.

MeToo Syria … It was: that day’s President was Shokri Al quwwatli, the first President who to leave office for unity with Egypt in 1958, died in Beirut hospitals, and his sons were unable to pay the hospital until King Faisal ‘ The Third King of Saudi Arabia ‘ decided to pay it.

MeToo Syria: 13 million people need food

MeToo Syria: Because of air bombing of Al_Assad and Russia and Iranian Shiite and Iraqi and Lebanese and Afghan militia with barrels and Scud missiles and cannons, and also Islamic terrorist groups due to their wars against the Syrian people and the Syrian cities targeted for control …  According to one of the latest studies published, Syria’s losses over the years of the war reached 1170 billion dollars, including the value of losses in all sectors and the cost of reconstruction for effort and money, the number of affected housing units is estimated by two million and 400 thousand homes to date

MeToo Syria: Forced displacement of more than half the population of Syria-in 2010-according to the World Bank, scattered in neighboring countries-Lebanon and Jordan and Turkey and Egypt-and in several African and American countries and South America and Europe.

MeToo Syria: More than half a million deaths and like them injuries and permanent disabilities

MeToo Syria: According to studies, 67% of the industrial capacity of Syria had been fully destroyed, and they are losses in three directions: first; what has been destroyed and stolen from laboratories and production requirements and is estimated with billion dollars, second; Loss of benefit if the job exists and is estimated with 40 billion dollars, third, what the country needs to recreate the wheel to industry and an estimated $110 billion, third, what the country needs to return the industry wheel to its previous era and is estimated with 110 billion dollars.

MeToo Syria: Approximately 200 thousand people held in the regime prisons, who are included under the ‘ enforced disappearance ‘ item, because of the ignorance of the place and conditions of their detention, as well as ignorance of their fate, bound by name in Syrian activists.



MeToo Syria: Was molested and raped by:

  • Al_Assad family since five decades
  • Iranian and Iraqi and Lebanese and Afghan militias
  • Iran
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • DAESH organization
  • Al_Nosra organization
  • PKK (Partiya Karker Kurdistan) militias
  • newly formed militias on a sectarian basis and national ‘ Sunni-Shiite-Alawite-Druze-Christian-Arab-Kurd… ‘
  • International Coalition and headed by the United States of America
  • The Gulf states ‘ Saudi Arabia-Qatar-United Arab Emirates-in addition to Egypt ‘

Daily, and at every moment, and non-stop, and for decades, this girl, “Syria” is being raped, bleeding, screaming, suffering, and being forced to applaud her rapist and her killer!!

We are the sons of Syria, our Syria, which was raped while the whole world participated in its rape, and silent on its rape.

Our Syria, which has been sentenced since that day, to remain in the end.

Today, the camera lenses have documented and immortalized almost a million video clips, about what has been done in Syria, but Syria folks eyes still have millions of documents about what has been committed. From the pity talk, you can draw the picture even if you did not live through it …

It is 50 years and Syria is still living in an illegal relationship with her rapist, by judging from the father by a coup … to the son by inherit … Did the world witness a rape, lasted for those years, with praise and glorification of the rapist?!

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