Following each terrorist attack , analysts, dissidents and terror sympathisers  begin to voice their thoughts and views on the motives, reasons and reactions.

The big majority denounce the terrorist attack and condemn it, others make debates, some use words like “executor of the operation” etc. However, imagine if we have had a chance to speak to the terrorist about the motives in carrying out bloody attacks, for the purpose of understanding the mentality behind it.

Some people might say the terrorist may have suffered from injustice, violence, suffered hardship throughout his/her life, lived in a poor society, was subject to domestic violence in his/her youth, or was oppressed by repressive regime or government.

We all know that oppressive dictatorships are working on the principle of “divide and rule” …. this means when people do not meet on word and opinion, the  regime can exploit their differences, social class inequalities and community differences and keep the control with iron fist pretending to be the Saviour.

Sunni… Shiite … Muslim … Christian …. poor … rich … Catholic …. Armenian… Syriac… Kurdish… Arab

In addition,  the customs and traditions that governs eastern societies in general… the fear that accompanies a person from childhood is fear of standing up against habits in the society, so as not to appear to be “abnormal” in the society. If you dare to speak up to voice a different opinion or simply if you want to distance yourself from old ignorant ideas people will be holding you accountable for wrong doing, you will be humiliated and badly treated.


Yes, the terrorist who commit merciless crimes may have been a victim in the past. A victim always has the right to express his/her anger, worse again if a victim faces racism issues, sometimes lack of access to asylum in a safe country, lack of work opportunities in home country where bribes take place and only the narrow circle benefits of the opportunities, maybe exploitation and intimidation, or pressure and imprisonment without a trial, failure in education. There are cases like failure in an emotional relationship, sexual repression, or the failure of integration in a new society with a different language, alienation, missing family and friends in home country.

Physical and social pressure, not limited to a certain category or group ….. individuals find themselves encapsulated, being narrow minded within religious views looking for justifications and solutions. Instead, they further complicate life for themselves and others. The hardship you go through in life can make you feel “angry” .  Yes, it is a normal to have these feelings.

But you have to direct this anger into the search for better life, not explosions, blood, crime, hatred and racism.

Don’t correct mistake by mistake, do it by reasoning, thinking, correction, ask for help when you have difficulties.

Make out of failure a reason to find success, and do not fail your opportunity of success and jeopardise the success of others …

You are the one who explodes his/her own body to escape from problems or failure … Is this escape? Killing yourself, others and entire communities … Do you consider this to be the solution?
Yes, there is racism wherever you go on earth, but on the other side, you are not an angel! You are not the creator to sentence people to death …


Rather than calling people of other countries “infidels” … Address your own problems and fight … In contrast of the ideology that you support that incite you to “kill infidels”!!

Sheikh … the person … Commander … Who incites you to “Jihad”  resides in a safe country, in the country of “infidels” as you call it, you need to focus.


The dictatorial president, whom you call a “Muslim believer,” who incites you against “Western countries”, owns real estates and businesses in the “Western countries”, sends his children to get best education in western countries.


You sing the glories of “your ancestors” who contributed to discoveries and inventions in all fields, their civilizations, empires, industries and schools ….

You are proud of the work and success of others … not of what you achieved yourself !!

I will whisper in your ears, listen to me ….

That was the success of your ancestors and not yours! You are not the one who achieved! By becoming a terrorist you are degrading your ancestors good work in previous civilizations.  You are driving us back to the era of ignorance “Aljahiliyyah”.


And the West; that you call names like “kafir or kafireen”; it is in the West where they developed & established humanitarian law & protection.  

Take a basic example, when you put a pot of water on the fire, tightly covered, it will explode. However if you leave it uncovered a little, it will evaporate slowly.

This applies to you!

Take a breather from your anger, don’t live in silence.

Try to express what is inside you and I am sure you will find who hears you and helps you, you will find solutions and opportunities.

Do not be confined to yourself and to your dark thoughts.

We all have one God, the almighty God, weather we are Muslims, Christians, Jews ……. the way it was in the past, at present, and the way it will be in the future. Your terrorist acts are not the way to praise God. God is not asking you to defend a religion, God is greater than that …. God forgives you,  blesses you, God protects you. Ask for his mercy, pray day and night if you want and all the time when you have bad thoughts in your head.


This is your life … You are not property of others, don’t let others decide your destiny by explosives belts or by sending you to prison for life.

There is nothing to gain by killing yourself …….. and there are thousands of reasons to why it is better to live and enjoy life.

God gave you a soul in your body to live and to be part of the evolution of life,  enjoy your time with your family and loved ones, with your friends. Work hard and celebrate your success and what God gave you …. don’t kill yourself and others, don’t be the one who create a heartache, don’t tear families a part and separate loved ones from each other ……mother from her son or daughter, children from their fathers, friends, don’t deprive people of life because of the anger in you.

You were born Muslim … Christian … Jew … Atheist … Not religious … Buddhist etc.’ You were born ‘Iraqi … Syrian … American … Swedish etc.’

It was a coincidence that your parents are following a certain religion or living in a certain place…. You did not choose that religion or place!                                                                              On the other hand, those whom you categorise as “unbelievers”, just like you, were born where they happen to be…..                                                                                                 Why do you judge people and sentence them to death, only because they don’t belong to your faith?!  You say you are defending justice, where is the justice in this way of thinking?

Don’t you say God love all whom who creates? So why does God create them in Europe or in the West? To burn them and send them to hell? Then what? send you to Paradise?

Where is the justice of God in this?

Where do you get all the hatred and badness from? This is not what the creator want you to be.

Remember, those who you call ” the unbelievers ” , they are the ones who make medicines and drugs that treats your father, mother and loved ones from fatal disease.

” the unbelievers” as you call them are the ones who discovered the technology that me and you use everyday, transport, communication. They offer you education and employment, shelter and so on…. Is it reasonable to think that “the unbelievers” as you call them would go to hell? And you who plan terror & kill innocent people; are you the one who is going to Paradise?

Is it reasonable to think that those who serve humanity with life saving inventions will end up in hell…? And you believe that the gates of paradise will be open to you because you knife people, stab the innocent and blow up yourself and others including women and children?

What you do is not mercy nor justice, this is criminality at its worst. It is madness to contemplate that criminals, murderers, and ignorant bullies will find their way to paradise of heaven.

Those whom you blow up are human beings; they are civilians who want to live in peace, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others alike, it could be your father, my mother …. my sister and your brother…. my girlfriend or your boyfriend….

Could be doctors who treats you, inventors who benefits you and your community, workers who help you to get by, teachers and nurses.

Could be traders who pay taxes to maintain you when in need of help.

They are good people who opened the gates of their country to give you peace and safety, housing, education and new start in life.

Are you aware that your cowered criminal acts harms the reputation of “Muslims” around the world, don’t call yourself a Muslim, you are far from it.

Your behaviour isn’t beneficial to Muslims and indeed only creates racism and makes life more difficult to your community.

What is the good and where are the  benefits of your acts of terror?

Are you aware that you are ruining the image of Islam with your cowered attacks? Islam calls for peace.

Have you asked yourself when you are on a terrorist mission, that your loved ones could be some of the victims? Or you could be executing those who donated or paid the cost of your expenses to escape war and live in the safety this country?

Imagine, you were given life after death…. How will you meet the child you made orphan? What would you say to the one whom parents were massacred  by a bomb you planted in the street?

Will you tell the children that the Sheikh asked me to do this?

Muslims are proud of their prophet’s message, which calls for peace and love, stands up for the oppressed, for the respect and safeguarding of women, Islam asks you to be kind to children and elderly, Islam asks you to be respectful to your neighbours and friends…. You are only showing disregard to the religion values, you made mockery and a horror movie out of holy words, “God is great”,  words which can only be used for the glorification of the almighty God.


Don’t be selfish thinking only about yourself, don’t let your failure lead you to harm others believing that “nymphs” is your reward in heaven, or you will be sharing meals with prophets in heaven as you were told….. all  nonsense.

God will not reward you for murder and crime with sex and nymphs.

Think before you act, those who ask you to execute terror acts; why aren’t   they sending their own sons & daughters instead to blow up themselves and others? They choose to send theirs to the countries of “unbelievers” to get education in the best universities, you see them driving the latest cars living luxurious life style.

Think once again, those who tell you to go and to execute terror acts and blow up yourself amongst innocent people, why aren’t they doing it themselves rather?

Are you aware that those who ask you to execute terror attacks are cowered and double faced, they make public appearance on TV & social media talking about “co-existence & integration” …. but secretly promote violence asking you to walk to your death!

They boast having the best cars and designers clothes, international brands made by the “unbelievers”, but yet, encourage you to kill the “unbelievers” as they call them!!

Why don’t they give you the positive and right advise rather than a disastrous  one?

Why don’t they give you a grant or scholarship?

Why don’t they secure you a job instead of inciting you to death and murder?

Is it reasonable that we kill each other for the spread of a religion?

How do you spread a religion, by terror and the killing of women and children?

My message to you as a good brother …. sister…. friend ….  neighbor …. whatever u like; leave behind you good memories to be remembered for!

I ask you to join me in promoting positivity, lets do good for ourselves and motivate others, lets work hard in life and make a wonderful contribution to the society and mankind.

It is not a heroism to go around killing people….. it is not a heroism either to ignore your problems, face the challenges that life throws at you, ask for help from peace loving people ….

Heroism and good morals are to face problems and seek solutions, don’t stand up for crime, murder, violence and hatred.

Walk along side the peace loving people…. let’s imitate the successful, creative and intelligent people …. Not criminals and killers ….

Do you want to change the world? Well…Try to change yourself first and prove that you are capable and able …. don’t runaway from your problems by killing and bombing.

Explosions, stabbing and murder …. These are coward acts, no masculinity or heroism in that.

“The unbelievers” as u call them, succeeded and ruled the world by accepting others, openness, science and evolution…Not by knifing, killing and bombing  people.

When the Prophet Mohammed died … His daughter Fatima cried, she was sad, those who knew him grieved for him, they wanted him to live longer to continue spreading peace, love and his divine message ….

Why do you choose to die?

You were born to live and enjoy life, there wouldn’t have been life without love…. it is in your heart, I’m sure of it…. there are open doors out there….

Don’t let hatred divide us, weather we are Muslims or not.

I say it you and others like you from any walk of life, spread the message…. whisper…. life is for living….


About The Author

Rami Zahra

A Syrian journalist and a member of the National Union of Journalists in the United Kingdom.

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