97 civilians have been killed by US-led coalition in Raqqa

Smoke rises after an air strike during fighting between members of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State militants in Raqqa.
REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

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97 civilians have been killed in ALBado avenue in the Syrian city of Raqqa during the last 48 hours by coalition airstrike most of the victims were women and children. The SDF “US-backed” intensified their attack on neighborhoods under control ISIS.

The first bombing by the US-led coalition happened on Saturday when it targeted residential building where several families and 42 civilians have been killed. On Sunday,25 have been killed when the coalition warplanes returned to target ALBado avenue, and 30 have been killed by coalition airstrike on ALSakhani avenue.

“Bad smells spread, as a result of many bodies in the streets and under the rubble,” Our reporter Tim Ramadan, who posts online reports from inside the city confirmed. The attack on Raqqa was launched in June and has liberated more than half of the city from Isis. It became bogged down in July with the local ground forces, made up of Kurdish-led militias unfamiliar with urban warfare, facing stiff resistance.

Because of the relative stalemate on the ground, there has been increasing reliance on western bombing raids.

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