German Isis bride’s capture footage emerges as she now faces death penalty in Iraq

Footage has emerged showing the capture of a German schoolgirl who joined Isis being captured in the ruins of Mosul.

Linda Wenzel, 16, ran away from the small town of Pulsnitz, near Dresen, to join the militants after she was groomed online by an Isis recruiter.

She then flew to Istanbul, where she was smuggled into Iraq. There, she married a Chechen fighter who was killed during the fight for Mosul.

In the film, she can be heard screaming and crying as she is dragged by Iraqi soldiers.

She appears to stumble several times as she is escorted away.

It was reported she had suffered a gunshot wound to her left thigh and another injury to her right knee during a helicopter attack.

Wenzel could theoretically face the death sentence under Iraq’s counter-terrorism laws.

However, even if she were sentenced to death she would not be executed before the age of 22.

German authorities are trying to determine whether Wenzel and three other German women detained in Iraq on allegations of sympathising with Isis can return home.

A spokesman for Germany’s Foreign Ministry said diplomats recently visited two of the women in Baghdad and determined they were “doing well given the circumstances.”

Martin Schaefer Germany is obliged to provide the women with consular assistance and wants to “find a good solution that corresponds to their interests” including return home if they wish.

But he added that “we have to ensure that no threat is posed by the four after a possible return to Germany.”


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