Prepared by: Sarmad al-Jilane With the Supervision of: Sound & Picture Organization and Tahrir Souri Group .


This study explores the education curricula in ISIS controlled areas with a particular focus on Syria, mainly around the primary education in al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

There is no doubt that controlling the education sector was one of the priorities for ISIS as it depended on Disseminating its ideology among people, especially given its inability to further expand its geographical territory.
The slogan of the organization was changed from “remain and expand” to “remain”, where ISIS members repeat it three times during cheering, indicating that ISIS relied on survival primarily and then on its geographical expansion if possible.

This is what the organization sought to do; it dispersed its ideology among youth, the youngest in particular, in an effort to recruit as many as possible, making use of the impressionable youth. ISIS was able to be present in all aspects of the youth’s lives, whether in schools through the Education Chamber curricula, or through its missionary tents in the streets that were supervised by the Media Chamber, which was the only means of entertainment in ISIS controlled areas after tightening internet usage and sometimes banning it in most areas under its control, in addition to prohibiting television. As such, ISIS was able to be present throughout the children’s and teenagers’ development, thus cultivating their lives as it deemed.

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The Curricula in the Islamic State «ISIS» Controlled Areas

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Sound and Picture organization: We are a group of Syrian human rights activists. We noticed the lack of bodies which document abuses against civilians inside Syria, therefore we decided to establish this project, it is specialized to document the violations which have committed by all sides in the ongoing conflict in Syria against civilians in a professional way. The organization is documenting all kinds of violations, and working on the accounting for the groups which committed these violations by the international community. The organization is completely independent, and does not follow any political or military bodies, whether inside or outside Syria.

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