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The General Leadership of military forces in Assad’s regime issued a statement telling that the coalition targeted a headquarter of ISIS in Hatla in Deir Ezzour eastern countryside mentioning that there was a yellow smoky cloud which indicates that the terrorist organizations have chemical weapons according to the statement.
After ascertaining from our reporters in the region, they assured that there had never been any air strike in the last three days and they assured that the latest attack was last Thursday on Marat town 5 kilometers away from the mentioned place and there weren’t any civilian casualties.
Air Forces Colonel John Dorrian , a spokesman for the coalition, declared to Reuters that the Syrian claims aren’t correct and likely there is misinformation.

The allegations of the Assad regime come after the chemical attack carried out by its aircraft using sarin gas on the town of Khan Sheikun in the countryside of Idlib on the fourth of this month, which caused the deaths of more than 85 people, including a lot of children, provoking angry international reactions, The most predominant reaction was by US forces which targeted the Syrian regime by bombing the Shireat military airport, where the planes of the regime that carried out the chemical attack were launched.

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