DeirEzzor – Sound and Picture


At dawn, the Eastern Syrian city of Abu Kamal was subjected to severe air strikes from the direction facing its border with Iraq. It’s suspected that the Iraqi army may have perpetrated the attack.
A Sound & Picture reporter located in Abu Kamal said that around 3 am, the city was targeted with nine airstrikes aimed at residential areas and not at angry ISIS headquarters. These strikes resulted in killing dozens of civilians – including refugees from the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor and also from Iraq .
It remains difficult to know the total number of victims, but so far, activists have recorded 36 martyrs. This number has the potential to increase due to the huge number of people wounded and also because the area remains deficient in medical personnel and equipment. There is also the possibility of discovering new victims beneath the the ruins of those 15 houses destroyed in this attack. Other sources in the city have estimated the total of victims to be around 30, but did not register any names because the bodies were difficult to identify properly.

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