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IS allowed trucks loaded with food last night to enter Al Hasaka after preventing them before

Activist Omar Abdel-Aziz, said to Sound and Picture:  “IS allowed trucks carrying food to enter Al Hasaka, which were withheld for 20 days by IS from crossing its areas in the countryside of  Al Hasaka  city.

Omar added: “ large quantities of goods have been damaged because of the long period of withheld, forcing traders to sell goods to other traders and shop owners with low prices in an attempt to lessen the losses they suffered from.

Assaad, one of the traders said: “ the owners of the seized goods have been subjected to significant losses worth millions of Syrian pounds because of the corruption of goods and that they have been forced to sell the intact goods with low prices to avoid a bigger loss.

Moreover, IS prevented the entry of any vehicles, trucks or motorcycle to the city of Al Hasaka, especially trough the smuggling roads, and threatened to seize any vehicle goes to the city.

Ahmed Madani from Al Hasaka countryside said: “ IS siezed a large number of bicycles and vehicles that belong to civilians which were  heading to the city of Al Hasaka through smuggling roads.

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