The US, UK and France have launched military strikes against targets belong to the Syrian regime, in response to chemical attack on Duma, in which chemical weapons were used 50 times, according to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, Nikki Haley.

On October 28th. 2012, in Duma, the largest city in Damascus Countryside Governorate, a group of Duma’s armed factions, which is formed by the majority of Assad regime dissidents and townspeople, has fought a battle, through which the liberation of the whole city was declared, but afterward, Duma was under a siege imposed by Assad regime.

The strikes targeted three sites in Damascus and Homs where chemical weapons had been manufactured and stored. Although 100 missiles have been launched and many sites have been destroyed, none of which affected the situation or position of Assad.

“Strikes will be carried out only once,” said Pentagon. “Russia’s plea for condemnation of the strikes as a violation of international law.”

The strikes targeted three sites in Damascus and Homs where chemical weapons had been manufactured and stored

Certainly, there were no element of surprise, Syria has been informed on the strikes. According to west-sided media, regional official confirmed that Syrian regime had been informed on this strike before it’s carred out by Russia, “as well Russia’s statement, in which that was implied, and even the US implied that by Pentagon’s declaration, which states that there was an open channel with Russia which is normally used before the strike.”
Even on social media, we have spotted posts by Assad army, which states that they were told to be in quite readiness at dawn last Saturday, suggesting the start of the action.
The triple strike on Syria was as an escape from impasse that the same countries found themselves in as a result of the confusion in the administration of Duma news from the beginning, and had to be carried out because otherwise, or be delayed, would has serious consequences for them. The strike was done at the highest levels of precaution to minimize the consequences as possible, including the prior notice of Russia, who would, of course, inform Syrian regime. As described by Syrians, throwing ash in the eyes will “mislead about the events and block the truth.”


Bashar al-Assad, who committed the most serious crimes against humanity since World War II, has become a “red line” on which the East and the West agree upon to find a safe haven for him through punishing him by Grabbing “one” of crime tools out of his hands! Just like what happened after the massacre of chemical attack in Ghouta in 2013 or as what happened after the massacre of Khan Shaykhun a year ago. Also, as we are currently witnessing after the massacre of Duma.

The “overthrow of Assad” is not the aim of the attack, said the perpetrators in Washington, London and Paris, during their boasts about destroying deadly weapons production sites. Even though, they repeated the same words before, when they said that “Chemical weapons were taken from Assad’s hands!”



This palace of marble would has become a pile of rubble only if its occupant had been a target that requires bombing.

However, the master of the palace, the most important person on Earth, the U.S. president, Donald Trump, who has used the word “animal” to curse Bashar al-Assad for killing his people, and his French and British allies have distanced their missiles from al-Assad, allowing him to complete his “work” of killing Syrian people and destroying Syria in order to remain on the chair of power.

Millions of Assad’s victims have been imagining and waiting for this military strike, hoping it would put an end to their daily televised deaths after that Syria has become a battlefield on which the Russians, Persians and their mercenaries, both sectarian and foreign, prevails over people calling for freedom, democracy and dignity, whom dealt with as humiliated minions or mere puppet in the hands of his supporters, and described as “dog’s tail” by his Russian allies.

After seven years of the revolution, Bashar al-Assad appeared on his media for seven seconds to tell us that; he is here, he did not escape, and everything is fine. While his Shabiha (Armed militias in support of the Ba’ath Party government of Syria) dancing in Umayyad Square, “a Square on which three people don’t dare to stay for five minutes unless approved by Syrian intelligence.”

On the next day, the Russian media came out and said: the military strike is an “insult” to president Putin!

This kind of crazy we’re talking about in “Assad’s Syria”, which is exactly the logic of gangs, relating Syria’s cause, civilization and history to Assad and destroying it!

We don’t care about the millions of displaced people and refugees, the destruction of Syria on the heads of its inhabitants, the spread of Iraqi, Lebanese, Syrian, Iranian, Russian, Kurdish, radical and communist militias throughout Syrian territories and their looting, kidnapping, detention, and drugs, arms and human trafficking! We don’t care about detainees in prisons and their fate, victims, poverty and rape! All that matter is that the only one person, the president, doesn’t be hurt!

Assad does not need morality to implement the genocide project, displacing of people and destroy the country. On the contrary, this requires lack of morality.
Neither Putin nor Khamenei need the courage to violate UN charters and to destroy buildings and homes on its inhabitants in order to ensure the primacy of their interests in a country they have been handed over its leadership. To turn an occupied country into an instrument serves the interests of the occupier, it’s necessarily involves the permissibility of taking people’s lives, the violation of their sovereignty and the denial of their right of self-determination.

Who needs minimal morals and courage are those who claim to reject this project, adhere to international law and UN charters and declare their solidarity with the poor people, who hope to put an end to the human tragedy, whether by chemical weapons, blind explosive barrels, torture to death or the siege of starvation.

Syrians have been driving to slaughterhouses for years, killed, intimidated, arrested, tortured, raped, and forcibly displaced. In addition to all this, there’re lists of millions of wanted names for this gang who is setting on Syrians’ chest in Damascus and uses the money Syrians paid, and still pay, for taxes, donations and revenues, to buy more weapons from their Russian enemy and kill them by it!

Moreover, we see some racist people, racist parties and national figures who have economic and political interests and goals in selling the Syrian cause through narrow factionalism agendas, and those who are comfortable in their homes in Europe and the US, enjoying democracy, freedom and all means of luxury life, blame the Syrians for accepting anyone saves them from the criminality of the ruling gang in Damascus!

They’re the ones who reject “external interference” by the European Union, US and the International Alliance in Syria, while support the “interference” of Iran, Russia and Iraqi, Lebanese and Afghan sectarian militias!

It’s obvious that the military strike targeted sites in which toxic gases, which were, and all types of weapons should’ve been, prohibited a hundred years ago, are manufactured and military headquarters, which have been equipped for forty years to be on the border protecting the country. Unfortunately, it also targeted the people who paid for it!

We have had enough, no more weapons, siege, starvation, rape, detention, forced displacement, explosive barrels and chemical weapons. Don’t support the criminal of the era, we want our wounds and pain to be relieved. Then, we will demonstrate together and carry your banners bearing the slogan “NO TO WAR!”

Syrians do not want war, it caused the pain suffered by them, they have lost their most precious things, they have been displaced and tortured for many years.

Number of confirmed chemical attacks in Syria from 2013 to 2017.


The media shows pictures of missiles falling on the heads of civilians, though, they say pictures are fabricated!

Thereafter, Assad-sided media, through its cameras, reports the extent of which the city is destroyed and says if “our heroic soldiers and pilots didn’t strike” we couldn’t control the city, which means that he confesses, documents and photographs the destruction caused by his pilots and explosive barrels did, even though he denies wounding and killing who was living under these ruins!

(report by a platform confirms that Assad-sided media has used fake photos not from Syria and accuses his opponents of fabrication the images of the victims)

The whole world knows who owns the air force in Syria, knows Assad’s supporters who are racists, and knows that chemical weapons require a state strategy, experts, complex calculations of time, weather conditions, speed and direction of the wind. However, they, shamelessly, deny their minds and themselves and continue to lost and have no human feelings.
Striking Assad’s regime may heal some of its victims, remind Putin of his position, and improved the image of Trump, but it will not bring justice to Syrians, they know that, and they do not need preaching lessons from corrupted racists and nationalists.
Syrians did not ask for your help, they only ask you to stop your support for the murderer, because the survival of the “animal” as president remains the collusion of the West and the East, as well Israel, whether they disagreed upon teaching him a lesson or agreed upon “throwing rockets in the eyes.”


No one knows the course of events in Syria and where it will go, everyone couldn’t understand it. It exceeded all expectations because of the international failure faced by the Syrians since day one of their demand for openness to the world and to end country’s dictatorship.

However, what is certain is that Syrians have passed the barrier of fear forever, and things will never be the same again.

Free Syrians will keep working with their democratic partners all over the world for a new, more just and free world where there is no place for people like Bashar al-Assad, Putin, Wilayat al-Faqih (Arabic for Supreme Leader of Iran) and his successor, Hassan Nasrallah, nor for Obama, who ” discreetly led” the ongoing Syrian plight.

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