The people of double standards between Haram and Halal!

We have been hearing these words from Muslims who live in the West more often, Muslims whose culture and lives are different from the Western or the American culture, some of whom I am talking about are the “bad ambassadors” of Islam who show their bigotry all the time which affect and defame the Islam and the Muslims who represent the righteous and tolerant Islam.

Bigotry has many faces and forms, such as the political, national and religious bigotry, all the bigotry forms are classified under the mental retardation which represented in many ways such as the inability of the mind to deal with any political, national or religious topic, so from a science point of view, the blame should be the original reason not the expression, so the responsibility here is on the awareness and the mentality which deal with the religion not the religion itself because bigotry hides behind religion.


Unjustified exaggeration

For example, we note the keen interest and excessive concern of some Muslims in the search for the so-called “Halal” foods, such as meat slaughtered on the Islamic way and other foods, and when you see the careful concern of a lot of Muslims from different nationalities and religions to buy halal food feels like in front of angels from heaven they are not human!

And the disgusting paradox of these Muslims that they buy the Halal food with what they consider “Haram” money as they describe the Haram money with 2 parts:

At first, these people consider the money of non-Muslim Western countries as Haram because it came from taxes by laws didn’t shape by their religion so this defamed mind consider it Haram! Despite that Islam legalized taxes and there is no Islamic sin in it although some scholars differ in this and they allowed some taxes with strict conditions but this shows is the amount of bigotry some people have.


The second part is that they buy the “Halal” with “Haram” money they had by scamming laws in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, they lie on social security institutions and banks, some of them prefer to work in black market and other behaviors which are against the law and scam the countries that opened their doors for them and gave them the best human care and education, some of them known for talking behind people, thinking bad about others and sectarian ideologies which considered by Islam one of the worse sins for how it violates the human being and its dignity.


The funny thing is that some Muslims who search for Halal meat don’t compare it to meat in their countries which is filthy, dirty and without inspection they don’t compare it to slaughter farms in the West were the best inspection for the health of the meat, the mind say that the God’s aim from the religious laws is the benefit of the human being, so if the meat in the west is healthier and inspected more than the Halal meat then the aim of this law is done as the Quran say “This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them” al-Maeda Ayah 5 (the People of the Book are Christians and Jews)


Ridicules ignorant

Some scholars put barriers with other religions and interpreted this as the solid food and vegetables, an interpretation that expresses intolerance and aggressive spirit against the human interaction.

Unfortunately, some businessmen and merchants spread these stupid interpretations for their personal benefit and to use religion to their own pockets, and to make the word “halal” on vegetables, fruits, beans even pistachios and almonds as an attempt to sell larger quantities and exploit the ignorance of some Muslims, and here we ask ourselves: Is the cigarettes smoked by those of the West is a Halal industry? Is it manufactured according to Islamic law? Most of them smoke smuggled cigarettes that do not even know their source!


And let’s assume that the slaughtering in the West is harmful for their health as some of them claim, is it possible that the West insist on this and endanger their lives? Is it possible that the Scholars who didn’t unite to interpret one word and has no medical background are more accurate than hospitals, laboratories and scientists in Europe and USA?


Facts and thinking

A defame and bigot religious culture against the virtues and principles of the God’s justice which refuse scamming and dishonesty with others regardless their religion or nationality so the principles can’t be isolated and honesty is global and human principles that have no specific nationality or religion.

Muslim scholars should value the common denominator between Muslims and the West, and to “affirm the points of contact between the original culture of Muslims and the culture of the West, which are innumerable points, while bypassing or postponing the points of disagreement and tension. Which starts by taking the principles and ideas that unite all people as the recent generations of migration lack sufficient awareness.


And for the bigots of other religions I would like to say: that bigotry is a common feature of all societies and religions. The Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist societies living in Europe and America also contain bigot groups that cheat on the laws, cheat, sell drugs and the white slave trade, and as Bin Laden and his terror gang, al-Baghdadi and ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood and all Iranian regime-backed terror groups like Hezbollah and Assad regime in Islamic societies, also Christian societies witnessed Nazis, Fascists and Communism which destroyed the families and carried out horrible crimes against humanity.


A note: as I mentioned “some Muslims” several times it means I mean some of them but not all of them or the majority, I compared and stated my opinion but didn’t allow or criminalize anything as these actions are only by God.

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