With the first wave of Nazi ideology, it created a new world full of blood and injustice that didn’t even exempts its followers from living through this, heads fell under the weight of heavily armed ideas of both sides, no matter if they were attackers or defenders because there was no room for choice, if you are not with me then you are against me and that’s how the politics were.

Of course, everyone hates Nazi and humanity still prosecuting the last of them, but it seems that Nazism didn’t leave because it didn’t come from outside, it is still inside them and inside their feelings of fear and struggle for survival, the important thing is to win and achieve it all the time whatever necessary to be done on people weaker than them without any regret for the price the lost side paid or diminish the humanity of the victor.


The term “Nazis are expanding” may be the first thing comes to mind when watching videos spread through social media sites for extreme right Americans saluting this era’s Hitler Bashar al-Assad during the demonstration in the city of Charlottesville in Virginia among the supporters of far right, but this simple greeting mixed with Nazi and fascist slogans and the occasion of the protest itself is only a small part of a larger ideological conflict that leads the current war of leadership of the world and the evidence of the effectiveness of the Russian-Assadist propaganda.



Far-right American protesters wore shirts with pro-“Syrian Arab Army” slogans while two men said Assad did nothing wrong and that the overthrow of the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Ghaddafi was a serious mistake before they ended their live video by calling Assad regime to use chemical weapons against ISIS and to drop more “cool” barrel bombs.


Far-right supporters also tweeted saying “Assad did nothing wrong and everyone who opposes him should be barrel bombed”. Also, George Galloway who is one of the most prominent British politicians and most famous in the Arab World for his many statements regarding the Middle East also known for his positions in support of the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and the Syrian regime.




Galloway didn’t only support Assad regime in Syria but also justified its crime, in November of 2012 Assad regime arrested British doctor Abbas Khan 32 years old in Aleppo city 2 days after he arrived in Syria to help the wounded in the fighting in the country since March 2011, the Indian doctor who is also a British citizen travelled with a charity organization to deliver aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey across the border into Syria.


Syrian deputy foreign minister Faysal am-Maqdad told BBC English that Assad decided to pardon Khan and was about to hand him over to his mother and George Galloway in the next few days after 13 months in detention.

Al-Meqdad added that he was sad when they called him and told him that Khan committed suicide.


The claiming of suicide was first discredited by Meqdad himself when he claimed that Khan was in good physical and psychological state that morning before Galloway added to this claim saying “What drives Khan to commit suicide after Assad personally agreed to release him?”


However, Galloway’s position on the Syria regime in general and on the light of this incident leads us to another higher level of vulgarity, slander and falsification after he said “we can’t say Assad is responsible for the death of Khan but there must be someone responsible”


Galloway also tried to defend Assad regime of using Chemical Weapons on Eastern and western Ghouta just because UN investigators were living in a hotel in Damascus 6km away from the attack.


And because of his friendship with the regime and in order to give the “humanitarian reward for his opportunism” Assad decided to choose Galloway to come to Damascus and pick up the British doctor to be among his family during the Christmas Holiday, Galloway claims he already bought the ticket and preparing to travel when Khan’s family informed him of the doctor’s suicide in his sell which is what Galloway refused and said “until now we weren’t provided with any logical explanation, it is hard to believe that a man can commit suicide 4 days prior to his release, a Syrian minister contacted me on behalf of Assad and told me to come to Damascus to pick up Khan before Christmas, we demand an explanation”


This suicide claim was like any other interpretation the regime could provide even for one of its close and loyal friend, or as if this interpretation can justify the detention and torture of a British surgeon for 13 months who came to Syria only to treat civilians.


The coffin of Khan arrived at Hotel Deiu Hospital in al-Ashrafieh neighbourhood in Beirut where his mother Fatima and brother Avroz were waiting for him after coming from the UK.


The mother rushed to the hospital to see her son’s body then left screaming “murderers, the Syrian intelligence they killed him, they are murderers”.


When a reporter asks her about what Assad’s Counselor Bouthina Shaaban said she replied: “your son is a terrorist and we killed him”.


Fatima also accused ex-MP Galloway who said he was going to Damascus to bring Khan home and she said: “Galloway is also responsible for this crime”.

Syrian writer Subhi al-Hadidi describe Galloway and Robert Fisk as Assad regime mouthpiece for their justification of Assad crimes, these justification come from people like Galloway and Fisk who are considered leftist or the middle or the anti-right, there are several political, moral, ideological and professional answers that all ended at the consciousness which corrupt or blinded after being bought and when it is exposed it can only look down for the leaves to cover the exposed lies”


Assad has others supporters such as Vladimir Putin, Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khameni and Hasan Nasrallah, all these are the survivors of the pollution of this world according to Galloway, they are like the heroes of the stories who fight evil so the principles will win, here it doesn’t sound like Assad is fighting for a specific elite or a specific people, he is fighting for a worldly principles that will prove its value after a thousand year, and then he won’t be the leader of the world but will be the immortal leader!.


Imperialism on Trial LIVE

LIVE: Academics and journalists, including George Galloway and Eva Karene Bartlett, speak on imperialism and the role of the mainstream media in Derry, Northern Ireland. #ImperialismOnTrial

Publiée par RT UK sur mardi 30 janvier 2018

(George Galloway with ex-British ambassador in Syria Pieter Ford and Canadian Eva Barlett in a meeting in Northern Ireland in support of international terrorism of Russian, Syrian and Iranian regimes)


In the light of this scene, Assad became the new hero for Neo-Nazis not only because he is white but also because he is the ally of the defender of the new Nazi world who fights ISIS the reason behind terrorism and refugees, and also Assad uses in his speeches and interviews the same ideology the far-right support which is the revival of the old world which divide the earth into geographic spaces where people from different races and religions live unlike the new world based on multi-ethnic life under justice and equality.


In the light of this, the actions frame through the support of Assad another conflict between Western democratic values and the Kremlin which aims to according to the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Munich Congress in February 2017 where he talked about a new global system bypass the idea of the western world which dominated the world after the fall of the Soviet Union, with Russian wish to go back in time to a system similar to 19th century by using the current Liberal crisis due to the rise of popular movements and the transformation of the traditional Liberals toward the far-left which is connected to a high-conservative social changes making the multi-cultural life with equality and freedom principles impossible to live with.


Worth to mention that these Assad supporters don’t care what is going on in Syria nor the transformation of the revolution to a war, nor of civilians, democracy and freedom nor for the free death because they only care about is isolating themselves due to fear and depression from other minorities inside their deformed version of “democracy and freedom” because the principles of other cultures are not accepted by western freedom principle.


The most sarcastic thing here is that Assad himself is only a small “doer” in this equation as a guard of the traditional borders between the Middle East and Europe, and according to the extremist social fantasy based on wrong facts the more this guard is brutal and bloody the more he will protect the “safety” and prevent the refugees flow despite it is the fundamental reason for the refugees flow.


And as the anti-Semitic ideology is a danger that should be refused and battled with legal means according to UN in an official declaration in November 2004 when the Organization called the countries to fight racism including anti-Semitic, there should be a law to punish the enemies of the Syrian Revolution despite that the Arabs, Assyrian and others from Semitics and their origins in Syrian territory but the hate toward them is not classified as anti-Semitic!


Syrians who prevailed against worst tyrants and his fascist Nazi supporters are the one who will make their case a history icon seen as the example of the freedom, social justice and a world with no oppression, injustice and Nazi.


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Rami Zahra

A Syrian journalist and a member of the National Union of Journalists in the United Kingdom.

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